Project Information

UL2245 Belowgrade Fueling System is the Solution for Turkey Hill

Major east coast see store gets the greenlight with approval of unique underground fuel storage system. Turkey hill runs over 230 C stores in central Pennsylvania and in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area. Their new best location outside of Quakertown PA was in danger of being abandoned. Blasts from a nearby quarry combined with the close proximity to a protected water shed caused enough concern with local officials that they would not allow fiberglass underground tanks on the property.

  • Client: Turkey Hill C-Store
  • Project: UL2245 Belowgrade Storage & Dispensing
  • Location: Quakertown, PA

Scope of Work

For Turkey Hill in the property owner the solution was in innovative liquid containment vault LCV system this unique concrete seamless sectional vault offers uncompromising environmental protection to soil and groundwater, resists corrosion and rising water tables and even the sudden trauma of earthquake activity. The vault incorporates a special form formulated concrete mix, factory poured in two parts that encompasses a steel tank. Because the storage tanks are located within a vault that allows for easy accessibility and visual inspection by your personnel, they are sometimes classified by the EPA as above ground storage tanks AST even though they are located at or below grade. Core’s integrated solution included to 15,000 gallon split tank UL 2245LCV systems as well as design, drawings and installation assistance. Course unique solution allowed turkey hill to complete the construction of the Sea store without compromising the township or it’s surrounding watershed.

Turkey Hill LCV Dispensing
Turkey Hill LCV Dispensing
FuelVault LCV Belowgrade Tank
Turkey Hill LCV Dispensing